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joi, 28 februarie 2013

Fizica tahionilor

In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is called Zero-Point Energy. Zero-Point Energy is formless, faster than the speed of light, and omnipresent. It is infinitely intelligent and contains everything needed to create perfect form. It has no spin or oscillation and has no gravitational pull.

Tachyon Energy is omnipresent and limitless. It has all the potential information for creating perfect form in the universe. Like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon Energy has no spin, oscillation or frequency and is not affected by gravity. The real difference between Tachyon Energy and Zero-Point Energy is that Tachyon Energy has form.

A simple analogy could be seen if one would think of the ocean in all its vastness. The ocean contains an infinite number of droplets of water, yet like Zero-Point Energy, it is formless. If you were to remove one drop from the ocean, that drop would still contain everything within the ocean, but now it has taken a form. Likewise, Tachyon contains everything that exists within Zero-Point Energy, but now it has form.

The condensation of Zero-Point Energy into Tachyon Energy is the beginning of the Energetic Continuum, which is directly responsible for all forms on the planet. In the production of matter, this formless Zero-Point Energy condenses into faster-than-light Tachyon. At the point of the speed of light, Tachyon interacts with the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs).
Becoming energized, the SOEFs convert Tachyon Energy into whatever frequencies are needed to bring balance to the being, thus affecting the energetic matrix from which all physical forms are structured. This step in the Energetic Continuum is best explained in simplified terms of physics.

For this explanation, we will explore the interaction of Tachyon Energy with the lepton family of particles. The first elementary particle in the lepton family is a pion. The pion exists below the speed of light and has a consistent mathematically computable orbit, which we call the Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF).

The SOEF we are examining holds the pion in its orbit. The pion's SOEF, existing just below the speed of light, interacts with faster-than-light Tachyon. As the Tachyon is converted into the pion's frequency by the SOEF, the pion evolves in an instant into a muon. The new muon has an orbit that is 10 times larger than that of a pion. The muon's SOEF still exists just below the speed of light. As the SOEF of the muon interacts with Tachyon, the orbit once again expands, and the muon evolves in an instant into an electron.This new electron has an orbit that is 207 times larger than that of the muon.

This continual process of the SOEFs converting Tachyon into the needed frequencies does not stop here, of course. It continues all the way down through the Energetic Continuum, until the perfect form is ultimately reached, whether it is a human being or any other form we know to exist.

As with all forms in our slower-than-light universe, SOEFs cannot exceed the speed of light. This is a very important point. Our world is a world of form; therefore, the only way for a world of form to interface with formless Zero-Point Energy is through Tachyon. In itself, Tachyon Energy has stored all information needed to create a perfect Energetic Continuum in every individualized form of life. Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, already exists within Tachyon, in perfect form.

The very nature of reality has brought us to this point in science and evolution. Despite all opposition, the Tachyon era is here! We give thanks and acknowledge the various scientists, past and present, which have provided the foundation for this new era and have thus paved the way for the Tachyon revolution that is changing lives worldwide. Can you imagine living in a world of peace and harmony, first within yourself, and then in your outer world? Tachyon is the means to this end!